Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Answers to Recent Comments

Just a note to a reader who looked for my comment on Paul Kedrosky's blog. I made a "post" to his blog about some topic he wrote about, and put a link to my blog after the signature blog. You won't do a successful search on his blog and find something Paul Kedrosky wrote about me, or this blog. That didn't happen. So searching won't find it. It happened maybe seven months ago.

Another post mentions starting the idea of a maximum speed with simply posting a speed limit, to roll out the program with a "law" and taking it from there. The country is already in a big enough state of total acrimony, that we don't need a gigantic increase in collective anger created by ticket-writing.


Anonymous said...

How about

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's it!
Good job. I usually do not get that kind of success searching blogs.

Then again, I don't do much other than quickly read a few blogs here and there....somedays, no reading at all.

Leaving that link to "maxattainable" only got me nasty comments, such as, "You'll get me to drive slower than seventy, when you pry the steering wheel out of my cold dead hands..."

That, was one of the nice ones!