Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feedback on this Blog

Recently I mentioned this blog on Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed and consequently received remarks, but not about the idea of limiting the top speed of vehicles on our highways.

In summary, every response was name-calling, which takes no thinking whatsoever, and even less keyboard effort. But, that is the Internet: a place where one can anonymously pass judgment and fulminate against anyone, long after you have alienated every one of your physical actual friends and acquaintances. Your ex-friends can geographically hide. Open season on anything that moves on the Internet, so spray away. It's not hitting a target that counts on the Internet, it is simply the pleasure of "pulling the trigger", seeing your words in print. Truly...that is the hiding place of the weak.

I did publish on the blog a message from Barry which supposes I am attempting to "say" something other than what I have published in this blog. Heh, electrons are cheap. I write out all that I want to say. Do not 'interprete'. I only suggest that you take fifteen minutes and read this weblog from the first to the last, because all the "problems" with this idea of limiting top speed are addressed in many of the first entries.

Finally, I want to remind readers that we all have the natural bias to assume things can always remain the way they exist in the present, as long as we resist change, vote it down, rally against change, keep our "freedoms". No question, when the automobile first hit the streets, people wanted their horse-drawn wagons, did not want gasoline, noise, etc. They wrote laws like "3 mph top speed, with a man on foot walking in front, waving a red flag" because they loved their horses, they loved the way they "had always done it." It used to be a tradition, on Christmas Day in this country, that every able-bodied male went out with a gun, and shot every single bird that moved. Robins, eagles, pigeons, everything. Where did that tradition go??!!

We now have 300-plus million people in the USA. There were 180 million when I began driving. Things cannot remain as we wish they could. The planet has six BILLION humans, and growing.

As a consequence of the population growth, some things will go away, sooner than you think.


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I looked through Kedrosky's site and couldn't find your mention or comment. Could you link to it?

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